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  1. It is an automatic. The mirror rust is only on that door, and that is far and away the worst rust. I have tried to be a bit more thorough, and here are pictures of all the rust I could find.
  2. SOLD - $2000 Model: 1981 280zx, Location: Melbourne's East, near Chadstone Price and Payment Conditions: $3000 OBO Item Condition: Fair condition, has been used for daily commute, but now the electronics are acting up. The headlights/dash light stopped coming on 2 days ago. It did this once before and Dad ended up rewiring the headlights to use the parkers relay. Comes with the manual and the service guide, if that's of any interest. 272,000 km on the odometer. Body: There's a bit of rust around the side mirrors. Mechanical: Running. Registration: Registered until 30/7/2019, but no RWC, so selling unregistered. Buy it before the rego runs out and I can drive it to you. Extra Info: I bought this when I was 18, but now I am 33 and no longer have time to take appropriate care of the car. I tried to trade it in, but they just wanted it for scrap. I really would prefer it went to someone that would value it. Contact Details: Removed once sold
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