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  1. Ok I figured it out, the cylinders sit in a little recess like so. Hopefully this helps someone else!
  2. Hi team, I had to disassemble the headlight, indicator and wiper switch to clean the contacts, unfortunately the indicator and headlight switch kind of exploded and these two metal cylinders went flying before I could figure out where they went in. Has anyone deconstructed one of these and knows where they go? cheers
  3. Just gave them a ring, they'd have to custom make it from a 260z and that's still gonna cost a shitload. Hopefully I hear back from the Datsun Garage and Z Car Depot crew to see how much it's going to cost
  4. Cheers for the response, I am trying to source a set of performance headers but I'm waiting for a quote to get it shipped to WA from the states. If it's going to cost a fortune I might just buy a second-hand set of original headers just to have something that's not full of holes.
  5. Hey dudes and dudettes, Does anyone have a good condition exhaust header they could sell me? It's for a 1982 280zx with an N42 head Cheers, Louis
  6. Hey mate, From what I remember we had to wind out the piston manually as the brakes don't have an automatic spring-loaded adjuster on them, worked fine after that
  7. Hey team, Just having an issue with the handbrake on the drivers side, even with the lever on full lock I can't get any purchase on the disc. The left side is fine and locks things up nicely. Any advice on adjusting the lever/calliper would be sweet. Attached some videos for you to explain it a bit better. Cheers, Hoody Leftside.mp4 Rightside.mp4
  8. Hi guys and gals, I am slowly working on my 82' 280zx, trying to get the problems sorted before I move it from WA to QLD. I have discovered my injectors are a bit crappy and the seals are shot on nearly all cylinders, does anyone have any advice for what to replace them with? I have heard going up a size for injectors is a good bet if you are looking to turbo the car in the future (which I am), but I understand that having too big injectors causes the engine to run rich. Any help is appreciated Cheers, Louis
  9. Hi y'all, Chasing a front apron and radiator grille for my 280zx in Perth, happy to ship over to the West Coast if needed. Alternatively does anyone know any suppliers that will do aftermarket versions with good designs? Cheers,
  10. Cheers for that guys, that gives me a good starting point!
  11. Hi guys, I have recently moved from Perth over to Brisbane for work and I am looking at moving my 280ZX over with me. Has anyone had any experience with the best/cheapest way to do this? As it's a WA registered car, is it worth keeping it as a WA registered car or transferring over to Queensland? Any advice would be appreciated! Cheers, Louis
  12. Hood280zx

    280Zx Fuel Cap

    Hey guys, I am chasing a fuel filler cap for my 82' 280zx, the ones I looked at from Supercheap Auto and Repco are completely the wrong type. Anyone know if there is a third-party one that will fit the screw type? Pic attached for reference Cheers,
  13. Cheers guys, Managed to find it it on the drivers side kick panel, just didn't look closely enough on the panelling.
  14. Hey guys, I am trying to track down my fuse box to fix my power windows but I can't find it, I have looked on the left kick panel on the passenger side, under the dash and in the boot but I'm so stuck. Any suggestions would be sick Cheers,
  15. G'day guys, If anyone has a lead on a passenger side 280zx window that would be mint, I am buying the car from a bloke who is replacing the window under his insurance before I register the car in my name. O'brien's is struggling to find a window in WA and I don't want to wait another 10+ days for my baby if they have to get one from the east coast. Cheers, Louis
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