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  1. Who purchased these. I'm wanting the thermostat cover. Thanks.
  2. I need of a replacement thermostat housing as the old one is crumbling out of existence. Would prefer new EM or equivalent. Anyone know where I can still source one? This is a 3 bolt cover. Burson tell me they no longer supply here in Aus.
  3. The engine is at 285,000km. The engine doesn't burn oil. The engine noise is (or was) low. I'm not sure how much damage the overheating did when the head gasket blew. I will definitely getting the cylinder head re-worked.
  4. I have a 1980 280zx which just blew a head gasket. Should I ask the workshop to remove the entire engine assembly or just go with removal of the cylinder head and recondition that alone? If anyone has indicative figures on the cost of a) a cylinder head recon b) an entire engine overhaul That might indicate a way forward.
  5. If you have a windscreen trim suitable for my 1980 model. I'd be interested.
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