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Which ignition coil for L26 fitted with E12-80 280zx distributor?


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Previous owner of my '76 260z 2+2 had fitted a 280zx E12-80 distributor, however (and forgive my limited knowledge) I presume this was bypassed when we added a MSD electronic ignition system.

The MSD electronic system worked well for a few years but died mysteriously, so we took it out and switched back to the 280zx dizzie setup running the MSD flamethrower coil included in the MSD kit. This worked fine for 5 years or so, though I did frequently foul plugs. I chalked it up to the carbies needing a tune.

So, running E12-80 and MSD Blaster 2 coil, eventually the coil died.  I'm not certain but it's likely the ballast resistor remained bypassed while this coil was fitted and perhaps this lead to the early death of the MSD coil? Now it's running on a spare stock 70s VW coil, ballast is still bypassed. Performance is OK but it does struggle a bit to start sometimes.

I'm planning a carby tune up but want to make sure the ignition system is sorted first. I've consulted the search bar but results seem inconclusive, with the stock E12-80 requiring a 0.8-1.0 ohm primary resistance coil and some users using 3.0ohm flamethrower coils etc.

 Which coil should I grab to use with the E12-80 distributor and ballast resistor bypassed? Or should I hook the ballast back up if that gives me better coil options?

I see Repco now offers a NGK U1163 'Use without external resistor' coil
I've seen users mention the Bosch GT40
Others recommend a Pertronix Flamethrower or even the MSD Blaster II which died on me

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