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2021 Club Datsun calender

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2021 Club Datsun calender.


It’s back – the best Datsun calender in the world so get yours now whilst the limited edition remains available !


Yes, in 2021 we’re celebrating 20 years of club existence and looking forward, like you no doubt, to unrefrained travel and fun behind the wheel.


13x full A4 size photgraphs of splendid cars waiting to adorn your walls and don’t forget our free incorporated desk-calender.

You can later frame the photos of your choice


Prices (x1 calender) :


€21 France (timbre verte)

€25 / £23 Europe + Suisse (and the UK too for the moment  )

€26 / us$31 / aus$42 Rest of the world (Norway, North America, Middle East/Orient, Australiasia)


Please pay via Paypal (as a gift/personal payment) to : tresorier at datsun-France dot/point fr

Group shipments up intil 5x are possible to save postage.


Please remember that 100% of the funds are reinvested by our French National Club for the benefit of our members and Z-friends in nearby countries plus the promotion of the marque via the national press, blog articles and media.



Ps : already looking for great photos* for 2022 and, as an incentive, for every car published, the owner will receive a free, shipped calender !

*please send to contact at datsun-France dot/point com





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