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  1. I have since found an 05L head which is now bolted on and the engine is running. The original head was taken to a repair shop, and failed a pressure test due to previous repairs, so has been scrapped. Thanks for the help.
  2. Hey mate, Any chance you could dig them out and get some photos and prices? will contact Martin. Regards Ray
  3. More commonly seen on 240Ks and C210s in Australia I think. Not planning to build the L24 for the car, so preference is to keep the engine stock. The photo doesn't show the extent of the corrosion that is in the water jacket, I am getting it looked at by a repair shop today, but am guessing I will be better off with a cleaner start.
  4. Chasing an E30 head to suit Datsun L24. Ideally in better condition than mine (pictured) located Perth, WA
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