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    I will have some time over the 2016 Xmas break to cobble together and post some pics...
    Watch this space but don't hold your breath...
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    I have been a member sitting on the sidelines for some time as I am very time short...
    I was a member of the Sydney Z Car Club in the early days - Meeting at Hasham's, Kyeemagh...
    I wrote the article about SU Carbs that is posted on Eric Neyerlin's website - Z-Parts.
    The site is currently under reconstruction so the SU article is a little hard to access.
    I own a 2+2 built '76 and registered in January 1977.
    I have owned the vehicle since 1984 and am the third owner of the vehicle.
    It currently doesn't get driven much other than to make sure it starts and keep the engine lubricated.
    It is still registered but in its current condition it tends to attract the local constabulary, the main reason I don't take it out.
    What started as a rust repair turned into a full-blown body mod project with many nights at North Sydney TAFE with a bunch of MG Heads in the late 80's and 90's hammering and forming, shrinking, stretching and modifying the panels that are now fitted.
    The only panels that are stock are the doors and bonnet.
    I will eventually drop a small twin turbo'd Hemi V8 into the engine bay, but that's a while off...
    I have two days ago removed the dash to have it repaired and modified to fit a Haltech (Racepak) IQ3 fitted by Dash Original in Adelaide, it's on its way there now...
    I am now considering removing the stock A/C and replacing it with a Vintage Air or similar system while the dash is out, so I am open to suggestion from those of you who have fitted one of these or similar systems regarding best system, shortcommings, problems with fitment.
    My Zed is a very long term project started at around 1988 and is still going due to family and work commitments.
    The vehicle is still road registered.
    Hello All!!!
    I will post some of my pics when I get time.
    The one you see attached is me welding on the modified rear skirt a number of years ago...
    Rear Apron.bmp
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