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  1. Well I finally mounted the motor and gear box this weekend.. That’s  probably the easiest part.  I spent a lot of time putting the wiring harness and all plugins in the best possible positions. The headers as you can imagine take up a lot of engine bay room and some wiring is difficult to run.  The next couple of weeks I’ll try and fit up tail shaft,  exhaust system,  steering column and all the other accessories.



  2. Hi guys. Some of you may remember Mallory from the Xmas bbq. Mallory and her partner Jay are good friends of mine. Both into cars and car events I invited them to join us. They arrived in Her beautiful Corvette.Mallory was taking heaps of pics and Video of our event and put together this video. Check it out and some of her other videos on you tube.



  3. I’ve been working on the heads, porting the intakes and matching the ports. Taking a lot longer than I thought. I’ve ordered some more Carbide burr tips. The Aluminium type cut through a lot quicker and take more material. So while waiting for the new tips I’ve started the rebuild on the bottom end.  The pistons are back in, windage tray. I’ve had to adjust the length of the oil pick up to the new depth of the cut down sump. It’s going to hold 8 litres just touching the windage tray, plus the oil cooler and accumulator.  I’ve marked the dip stick and recorded the depth per litres and a mark level with the windage tray.




  4. Haha. The Chevy orange has already been taken care of. . There’s a fare bit of carbon build up on the pistons and in the heads. Got them soaking atm.

    The valve springs can be saved from the lower motor. Twin springs for bigger cam.

    the sump that’s come with the ls2 will fit and holds more litres than the other one. It’s a little deeper, to deep for ground clearance so I’ve taken a 20mm slice out and got my mate to re weld. Came up pretty good.  Still 2 1/2 litres more oil. Total 7 1/2 lt




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