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    stevo_gj got a reaction from gav240z in Seats Reupholstered Quote   
    Hey guys.
    Here are the photos of the seats and carpets that were reupholstered by Lee Brothers.


    I'm very happy with the job.
    The seats costs 700, and the carpet cost 500. I highly recommend them for their work and service.
    Here are their contact details:
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    stevo_gj got a reaction from casho in Gold Anodized wheels - factory option?   
    Sounds like the 10th anniversary Black Gold 280zx edition:
    I laughed so hard when I first watched this video. Wish I'd lived in the 80s!
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    stevo_gj got a reaction from Cmac in The Ebay Thread #2 - Post Ebay Parts Here!   
    See if this site can help you Gav.
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    stevo_gj got a reaction from Andrew_L26 in Widest Tyre/Rim Combo on 260z   
    I think having a sticky with that info would be a really useful resource and would avoid having reposts like this.
    However its easy for me to say that since I wouldn't be the one that has to write it up. 
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