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  1. 'Achilles Van Doolan' - bold, but very cool Gav
  2. No reason you can't share them here
  3. ...well not quite, but he may as well be. Yesterday, around midday, Gavin and Maria welcomed Achilles Van Doolan into the world weighting in at 3.73kg / 8.22lbs and 50cm long (Nort Bhad. Good Size). I'm sure you will all join me in congratulating Gav and Maria, and hopefully we'll see him again in around 16-18 years...
  4. Oooooof... That cam has more lift than I was expecting!
  5. They've both been apart - 2 very obviously has - so they could be anything. Step 1: Put each into 1st gear, and count the rotations: 2.9 is 260Z Close Ratio. 3.3 is Wide Ratio. Step 2: Remove the belhousings and take a photo of the internals side on - I'll then be able to tell you more accurately what you have.
  6. I figured its about time I assembled my freshly refurbished 44s back together...
  7. Ask Stewart at SW Motorsport who he recommends.
  8. So you knew what direction it went and you've now caught it?
  9. Carter Rotary Vane pump - no need for a FPR: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Carter-Universal-Rotary-Vane-Electric-Fuel-Pump-P4070-12V-72-GPH-4-TO-5-3-4-PSI/302085863555?epid=9028927065&hash=item4655b87883:g:o48AAOSwL-9ccHAC&frcectupt=true
  10. Do you know in what direction it went?
  11. I'd have that pulled straight in a few hours...
  12. I got a bit carried away with the gloss black... Semigloss would have been more appropriate, but at least they'll stand out...!
  13. I can help you transform it into what you want now - you just have to ask
  14. Wait till you see the suspension components and fuel tank...
  15. They are. Bumpers... Not so much...
  16. Fitted perfectly. Just needed the flanges on the inside tweaked to clear the guards.
  17. So one of my customers purchased this very original '72 240Z a number of months ago, with a view to investing in it's originality. It's a lovely original matching numbers car with history. 901 Silver with red(!) interior car, that has been converted by Les Collins from Auto to Manual. The original bonnet had been damaged - presumably in an accident - and as typical, had been poorly repaired, with copious amounts of filler... My brief from the owner was simply to purchase, fit and respray a new bonnet, as well as realign the rear bumper, and fit better seats that the owner has supplied. So once in the shop, the rear bumper was realigned, and the new bonnet was gapped and fitted, but before the seats were fitted I delivered it down to my spray painter for him to paint the bonnet. That's when the scope of the project changed...
  18. C.A.F.

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    Warragul. Feel free to give me a call: zero four zero zero zero five four five seven two
  19. C.A.F.

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    "a lot of small bits and pieces" I suggest you create a parts wanted ad here in the wanted section when you know exactly what you want. 280ZX/L24e electronic dizzy's are 35 years old. I haven't seen one in good serviceable condition in years - they are all worn out junk. I suggest you call https://performanceignition.com.au/ and order a brand new Bosch electronic dizzy - around $800. I have a complete rust free 240Z hatch in excellent condition available shortly if you are interested.
  20. I agree - that's a fair price for a manual Bus. Be warned though, you are up for many thousands in rust repairs. It needs new guard bottoms, sills, doglegs (rockers) and door bottoms, floor sections and probably a slam panel...
  21. C.A.F.

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    Lou is a Datsun Roadster man - he won't be able to help with Z parts. Post up here with what you need and we might be able to help.
  22. For Sale: Triple carburetor manifold. Excellent condition. Unknown make, but it looks similar to a Redline or Cannon. Linkage and drop arms included. $350 pickup from Warragul, Victoria. However I can post at buyers expense. PM me if you are interested or zero four zero zero zero five four five seven two
  23. Gav and I are making plans for Evie to return to his possession, so we've been planning some maintenance before this happens. Gav and Ned came down the shop today to perform an oil and brake fluid change, and also address the 2nd and 3rd gear syncros in the gearbox which were worn.... When I built the gearbox a few years ago, I couldn't get replacement 2nd and 3rd syncro rings in a timely manner, so I just reinstalled the old ones. They've gradually gotten worse, so I obtained new Nissan syncro rings and today we removed the box, stripped it down, replaced the rings, reassembled it then reinstalled it in the car - all in 8hrs...
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