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  1. Oh yeah, this thing won an award at the Nissan Datsun Nationals at Easter.
  2. I used to promote rear disc conversions, but I've learnt a bit in the last few years... If you use the R31 caliper and disc setup 'as is', you actually have LESS braking performance than the drums. COD goes way down... Also the handbrake is more or less useless in the conversion. If you really want rear discs and run 15in wheels, Les Collins has custom CNC steel adaptor brackets on the shelf - to run R31 calipers on larger NA Z31 rear rotors - and this setup clocks the caliper at 5deg rearward to make the caliper easy to bleed. Also included are remade handbrake cables to make e
  3. Alan is correct - your Z would have been fitted with the '71A' box from the factory. Hence the interesting mod to the tail-shaft you have discovered, and the leaver hitting the front of the tunnel. I have to disagree slightly with Alan on the 71A units, as they are quite a bit slower in shifting and less accurate in action then a B or C box. Also the cost to rebuild the 'Monkey Motion' shift mechanism to an acceptable standard is eyewatering - nearly $1000 to make it serviceable. Not only that, the bulk-ring synchro's are expensive to buy and they are not fast to engage (compared t
  4. As far as I know they are originals, however the owner has new ones to go in.
  5. See here: https://www.facebook.com/george.glossd
  6. If you are going to the Nissan Datsun Nationals 2021 in SA at Easter, you'll see this car there. Now that the paint has had a few months to really harden, the owner has just had full the full paint correction process completed on it, and I must say it looks... well, I'll let the photos do the talking:
  7. A mate of mine is a professional automotive photographer and he stopped by the shop today to take a few photos...
  8. E30? They have teeny, tiny ports and are normally on L20A's... You've be better off with and E88e or an E88 with welded chambers. BTW, that head it quite repairable - Les Colling Racing over here repairs them all the time.
  9. I think you'll find Gav has a handle on the situation...
  10. It's starting... Some of the panels from KFVintage have arrived...
  11. Diff is based around a late model MR30 Skyline unit with a 3.9 ratio - it'll be going in tomorrow
  12. I'm glad to see it will be 'mirroring' the original.
  13. Thank goodness we've gotten to the bottom of this mystery. I was about to call in the CIB...
  14. What's wrong with your original? It'd probably be easier to repair it... There was some advertised on Facebook on the Australian Z pages.
  15. Everything is so bight and shiny, we have to wear sunglasses when working on it.
  16. I have a brand new pair of these I'm not going to use. $850 + postage.
  17. Yep, big reveal once it painted and on the road.
  18. C.A.F.

    Trim Clips

    They hold the taillight trims in place on the bottom of the panel. They should be welded into position. Don't loose them as they are impossible to procure!
  19. I have one out of a '71, complete with loom, gauges and original radio. Needs reskinning. $3k
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