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  1. That is something you will have to discuss with him.
  2. He dun goofed. That's not how you paint a car...
  3. Wait until it's de-nibbed and polished, Jon...
  4. We still have time to fit the LS3!
  5. You can't weld an S13 spring/damper assembly to a Z stub axle/knuckle. You need to use an S13 knuckle & hub, with a hybrid S13/Z LCA. S13 strut top is too large for the Z strut tower, so an Z strut top - either OEM or aftermarket needs to be modified to fit the S13 damper rod. Whatever you do, you'll have more fabrication work then you think. I suggest you just go with lowered King springs and Z31 front dampers.
  6. We have it painted! It was a late night for my painter, but we have the whole car in colour now. It looks amazing and we can't wait to get stuck into reassembling it!!!
  7. Be careful with the information you disseminate young Padawan. The OEM slam panels ARE slightly curved.
  8. Obviously they got the dyno fixed! Those figures should keep you entertained 'ol boy...
  9. While setting the panel gaps I noticed that the RH door hinges had a small amount of slop. I contacted my friendly Z door pin and bush supplier but he was out of stock. I had to wait, but a couple of weeks ago they arrived and I finally had time to fit them. The pins were obviously slightly worn, however the new pin and bushes (along with a good greasing) have completely removed any movement from the hinges. Should be good for another 50 years now!
  10. The dyno cells fuel supply pump failed, so a new one has been ordered, then it has to be fitted. Engine won't be dyno'd until next week now.
  11. Thanks for everyone's interest - the next batch is sold out. I'll advise when I am doing another run. L.
  12. New engine bay frame / chassis rails will be ready in around 4 weeks - pm me to reserve your pair. Made from Lazer cut & CNC folded 1.2mm Zincseal, with Sway Bar & tow mounts installed. One pair: $660 incl GST and postage to anywhere in eastern Australia.
  13. I'd be very tentative about using them on the road... I suggest you get them crack tested first.
  14. Genuine Nissan or SW Motorsport. FWIW I never have an issue with them - a 20T press and heating the housing with the oxy gets them out.
  15. We are still waiting for restrictions to lift so we can get this into paint - hopefully in the next fortnight. However we've been doing what we can - mostly getting everything ready for when the body is painted. The engine got the once over; a coat of jam and some replated components. Tappet cover is going off for HydraJet blasting along with a few other Alum. items.
  16. 1: The doors are closed and the floor is wet down. It's not an issue. Obviously not good enough for the topcoat though... 2: Yes, it was prepped before paint went on.
  17. When are you giving it a cut and polish?
  18. I have one surplus to requirements - I'll get you a photo tonight.
  19. Call https://www.seatbeltking.com.au/ and have your belts re-webbed. I've used him before and service has been great.
  20. I'm sure you were more than aware Alan, that I was referring to Australian delivered HS30's. And not an uncommon (here in Australia) JDM chassis... But I do know how much you enjoy splitting hairs...
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