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  1. C.A.F.


    After a bit of farnarkling and swearing, the RH Funky Green floorpan is in. LH Side is next...
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  2. gav240z

    Classic car bubble

    The M-spec NUR (Silver car) may not have sold. Sometimes ads get taken down because they become stale after a while and so sometimes they resurface or finance falls over etc.. so just because it's placed on hold doesn't mean it's actually sold. With regard to GTRs I've noticed quite a few cars listed have had recent price drops. Sydney lockdown and other states etc.. must be having some kind of impact on people's finances and without JobKeeper/JobSeeker and early access to Super like last year I'd say stimulus money is somewhat running dry... However access to home equity to buy shiny things may still be a thing for some... I must admit I contemplated it momentarily, but decided perhaps not a good idea. I feel R34 prices may have topped out for a while , but I thought that about house prices 10 years ago.. egg on my face.
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