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  1. Well whichever party was responsible IMO the outcome is just not acceptable. Those are major defects. PS: if I were you I wouldn't accept it, those are more than a minor surface defect or two. Send it back and demand a refund, or an undamaged replacement, either of which I expect you would surely be entitled to under Australian consumer law.
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  2. There's your issue - it needs to be cherry red. You can either weld a nut to it or build it up with filler wire to latch some vice grips onto.
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  4. Hi Everyone, I've have a set of Triple 44s for sale. 2 were on a 4AGE engine and have thicker chokes in them and 1 is from an unknown source (I probably scored it on eBay a while back) and has a thinner choke in it, is missing 2 main jets and accelerator pump (on bottom) rod is still there. They will all benefit from disassembly clean and going over. Especially the pair off the 4AGE (dirtier). 1 drop link is bent (along with accelator lever) but you'd change this with Triple Manifold + linkage anyway. 1 lid has Mikuni/Solex on it, but the others do not. I don't think there is an
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  5. JDM-TOY

    The Build 73 240Z

    Hey Guys Finally after 8 months of waiting I have picked up my modified dash to mount up the Haltech IC-7 dash. Danny at Concept Garage did a great job on the styling to make sure the dash retained the signature curves of the OME dash. Just a little modern with the Haltech IC-7 going into it other than the OME cluster. I know that its not to everyone's taste but with all the electronics going into the car I wanted to make sure everything was in sync. I have still kept the original dash and it on display in my man cave. Still need to send it off to the Dash Dr to r
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  6. Hmm looks like someone was a little rough handed with them, did you ask Les about it? Might be worth a call to see if that's just part of the manufacturing process or if someone was rough at them during the ceramic coating stage?
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