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  1. Best interior colour too! Ha. Note he said they are still undervalued. Something I've been saying for a long time. A good review actually, but good luck finding good ones now, especially in RHD specification. I know I listed mine as an April Fools joke on Facebook the other day for a 1/4 mill, but I still had multiple messages about it. Last night I took my 240z out to Springvale where a bunch of cars nuts hang out (I was meeting with some Stagea blokes) and I had several groups of young blokes come up to look at the 240z at different times.
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  3. Nice car and a honest appraisal. I’m off for a drive. Jeff
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  4. My car is a basket case but I’m so glad I bought it when I did. I think I would be priced out of the market today.... maybe not priced out, but more that I’m willing to spend 50k (please god make it only 50k.....) over the next 5 years rather than 60-70k today..... I agree they’re undervalued, I think until the supply of cars in the US dwindles price growth may be slower than we all hope.
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  5. Roady

    Drilling A Progression Hole

    UPDATE: Right so I finally got around to doing this. At the same time did a full service, gasket change, checked everything over. Result: Originally I had a 65F9 idle jet in the car. Since drilling a 0.8mm hole I’ve managed to reduce the size down to a 60F8. This is about 3 sizes smaller, which on the surface may not seem worth it, but I can assure you that it was. The reason my idle jet is still reasonably rich is because of how I have the main circuit set up. Ive tried going leaner to 55F8 and it opens a hole if you “aggressively” apply power. To some degre
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