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    No I've mocked it up, and it's 100x better than the Canadian section. Very much OEM part and fitment. But... I may have found a good rear valance section (off a donor car) and given I'm restoring an early car, I am thinking of using that. I may hold onto the sections I fabricated and made for spares in future. So it's not a total loss. Andy in the UK is pretty good, so you should have no issues ordering through him (other than time to get it out to you).
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    It's nice to be recognised.
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    That’s a tidy looking car surprisingly priced for that vendor. But and it’s Mr Lees so be carful. Love the comment “let the nerds de code that”. Wonder who that’s aimed at? Jeff
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    Dry mock up of the SU's on manifold... I'll come back to this to add description shortly.. (Z-therapy carbs in the background for reference). I prefer the cad plating on mine! However their bodies are better polished (tumbler I think) and I might polish the domes on mine to spruce them up further. I have a few washers left over, I think I may have put some washers in the wrong place as the ones left over don't fit the throttle shaft and that's the only ones missing!!
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