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    After very publicly dumping on everyone who owns a Zed, whether their car is up for sale or not, and the very same people whose advice he would surely need probably many times over, IMHO he's shot himself in the foot several times over and left himself little choice but to get a third party involved. He won't be getting any parts or help from me that's for sure.
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    240ZBUILTBYME - Project Sheena

    This is a great project, man. First impressions when you see the car before you get stuck in one thinks, well, this looks pretty solid, but once you get into it, there's a lot of work to be done. I'm watching with interest as I'm nearing the purchase of a project myself and keen to see how yours comes together. You've got some rellies in the family with essential skills, so that's gotta be a big plus as well. Good luck with it, and the videos are great quality and enjoyable to watch. - Peter
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    He said he had already bought a 240z but then rampaged on about now only wanting to pay $15k for a shell. It appears now he is so distressed about the whole thing he has his ?sister? advertising on his behalf on Gumtree?
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    24 Dat

    400z is Coming, apparently

    Another teaser is out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_LpUFf6j6o&fbclid=IwAR3Vc3ahUN2qsnhAMhFWuTufSh2KD9xbhZNMjl6HNY5J5xDtAXuGRccuvgE
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    240ZBUILTBYME - Project Sheena

    Peter thanks for your kind words mate. Yes the car looks great from the outside, but a lot of hidden work to do. I’m very lucky indeed to have my uncle and dad to guide me. Thanks for your feedback on the videos, means a lot to me, I was never going to create a channel as it seemed so foreign and self absorbed to me. I was just going to take some video and time lapse for myself. But I’m really glad I decided to do it as it has given me a creative outlet and I am really starting to enjoy it. Still terrible at speaking in front of the camera and say ummm every second word! But plan to make the videos better and better. Hopefully all my mistakes help you when your project starts! Ryan
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    Well that flies right in the face of that troll who was on this forum recently telling all that these old Zeds are really worth nothing much and he shouldn't have to pay much either...! It looks pretty bad but hopefully not a heart-breaker for the keen new owner, and another car in a diminishing pool of cars will eventually be saved.
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