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    I can recommend the re-issue ADVAN (Yokohama) HF Type-D in 195/70-14. Here they are on a set of genuine 432 type Kobe Seikos, but I reckon the size will happily stretch the extra inch to work on the 7J Kobe Seiko Works Rally Mag replicas:
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    Not easy! Very few tyres in a decent compound available for less than drug money. I went with Falken RT615K+ in 195/60 which are not quite as tall as I'd like but because the car sits low I'm reasonably happy with the look. Fronts are an R32 caliper on Lindsay's (zshop) custom disc, rears are R31 disc conversion.
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    Magic, just stunning! Great work Jeff
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    Wanted: Bonnet hinge assembly

    I've got a spare set without the spring rods. I'll send some pics after I finish work.
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    peter t

    Peter T's 75 2+2

    Well I had issues with the throttle linkages being sooooo old so I fitted up a new cable and what a difference. So responsive got rid of all the jerking etc.
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    Julian's 72 240z

    looking great! interior turned out top notch! Rudi.
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