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    240z Pcv braided hose $75 posted

    Here we have the braided Pcv hose from the block to the balance tube, these are new old stock and can comfirm NLA from Australian and Japanese Nissan warehouses. They are still available from the USA however many suppliers now confirming 'email to confirm braided hose' as Nissan will likely change to rubber. I honestly don't thing they'd bother doing that, when they're gone they're gone.. I also have the reducer hose and the manifold to coolant pipe fitting hose $10each.
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    240z Manual Gearbox

    What gearbox is in the Z now? A flange drive 71A or spline drive 71B? The L28 will bolt up to either, but the 71B is marginally stronger.
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    Also a big thanks to @Enzo for being a long term contributor towards expenses over several years and of course recently also.
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