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    Ben's Dirty RBS30

    Well here I am Honestly thought I had my head around what this car would take to get on the road when I bought it but lo and behold it just keeps throwing gremlins rust and more than enough fibreglass at me. So I thought I'd document the leaps and bounds over all these hurdles (and the hole that's burning away in my pocket) for everyone and bring you all along on the journey. So without further ado I present to you the way I broke to my partner that I wanted a second baby Not the human kind and not the first 260z kind either. Elegant and tastefully done I know, but I knew I'd gotten away with it when she asked if this one actually drives and I said yes.... although I whispered the part about it having a massive hole in the floor. A late model 76 260z with a previously cream interior and sporting an RB30E conversion (all of these things give me problems later) my eventual aim is to take advantage of the EFI Rb30 and tune this into my daily driver, before maybe getting a bit more adventurous and throwing in either an RB30ET or a 25/30DET down the line! So! To kick the thread off I'm going to show off the car in the condition I bought it and try to highlight the many problems I didn't yet know I had, before detailing what and how I overcame them in each subsequent post as I wildly rush this build along in time to be ready for the Retrospeed Wilby park sprints in April. Enjoy!
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