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    Sirpent "Z"

    John, I hope that when you have finished there will still be room in it somewhere for you (and maybe me?). Looking great.
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    Sirpent "Z"

    Buy CBR a cigar! correct, as the tank now sits in the spare wheel well I had to re-route it and encase it as I will be running dual exhaust and dual mufflers so this way the filler will be away from any direct heat source.
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    CBR Jeff

    Sirpent "Z"

    Something to do with the fuel filler pipe? That’s solid! Jeff
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    2 seater tail lights reconditioned

    Painting them the wrong colour was a bad choice
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    Show us your......man cave.

    Yes, all those are just the rich trying to outdo each other. I would be happy with @Gordo's shed.
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    Sirpent "Z"

    They look awesome John, very nice work. Enjoy the shed time. Cheers Jeff
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    CBR Jeff

    Sirpent "Z"

    John as usual very nice work. Good to see your back in the shed :-) Jeff
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