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    Wags’ 240z nut and bolt restoration

    Haven’t been on for a while with updates. Progress is still being made and this little gem arrived in the mail today... It’s the top of the line retrosound with Bluetooth, Apple connectivity, usb, and internal hide away antenna. Not an exact reproduction, but it’s custom built to be as close as possible. Very happy with how it looks. Exactly in line with the theme of the car which is ‘original but with a few tasteful hidden, and period, modern upgrades’.
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    A very special car for sale. PS30-00289 https://bhauction.com/auction/tokyo-terrada-january/lots/432-r 1970 Nissan Fairlady Z432R Price Guide/Estimate: ¥73,000,000 - ¥83,000,000
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    The official viczcar cycling thread

    Some of you may recall I bought a Canyon Spectral back in August, this was specifically for Derby.....got back a couple of weeks ago and have to say that everything that you read about Derby is true......its heaven on a MTB stick! Had 6 days there and started out on the easier blue trails and then did Blue Tier and Atlas and then spent the last few days on black and double black which I never thought I would do. Riding with some really capable and skilled guys really pushed me out of my comfort zone as I have never done any gravity stuff before but the bike was awesome and the more I rode the more confident I became. By the last couple of days I was "comfortable" enough to be able to enjoy tracks like Trouty, Roxanne and Kumma Gutza . Favorite just fun trails were Air ya goin (just an absolute riot) , Flickety Sticks and Return to Sender. If you're into MTB Derby is a much do! If you want any advice or suggestions let me know. Pic of the gang.....
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    72 240z for sale HS30-100053

    you also have an extra zero in your chassis number...as a 72 it will be in the 10,000 range not 100000
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    [VIC] - BBQ Sunday 24th November

    Getting excited. I get mine back from Les this week. See you all there. Ben
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