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    Seems that in October each year people decide to sell their 240Z / 260Z - must be a Spring cleaning impulse (or on instructions from SWMBO who is in spring clean mode?).
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    50 years of S30Z today!

    It's been 50 years since the S30z was announced to the public. Happy birthday to all my 240z's.
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    I've noticed similar, I think it's due to the spring selling market of homes, maybe people lose storage for their cars when they move home? It could also be that people are skint leading into the Christmas period. I bought my white 240z around this time of year and my Gold 1.. Funny enough.
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    Well done, excellent price in my opinion. You got a steal. I'd change the mirrors and wiper blades for a start. But otherwise I really like it and nice and early too! *Edit, I have some previous photos of it here. https://goo.gl/photos/BB8Q2rvTqWNP59Vw8
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