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    NDSOC run before Sandown Historic Please join us for a short run before the Sunday Sandown Historics When: Sunday 27th October Meeting Time: 8:00am for a 8:15am departure. Meeting Point: At the back of Sandown Park Hotel, Corrigan Rd, Noble Park VIC 3174 https://goo.gl/maps/JDuU2rcWFVnjuM8v9 Planned Route: https://goo.gl/maps/dReEL7sN8u7qU7M27 Finish back at Sandown @ about 9:30 drives@NDSOC.com.au
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    It’s actually a good chance to be able to do a ‘track walk’ of an evening, without all the usual sightseers driving around aimlessly. so you can actually walk the racing line without worrying about being mowed down. I think you get a better feel for the whole circuit on foot. A group of us did it first event with an experienced racer pointing out lines, tips and tricks, etc. I found walking it a much better experience than just trundling around in a car at 60k’s
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    I bought it. I'm in Melbourne. Chassis no. is HS30-01562 It was restored 3 years ago, painted inside and out, POR 15 on the floors. Really solid car, only the driver's dogleg has a little bit of bog. Needs some work mechanically.
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    Early Girl Bingo - With Photos

    Not that it's impossible or anything - HS30-00015 could indeed have made it out into the hands of the general public - but in *that* car's particular case....
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    Some more cool Z videos - youtube.com

    Some early S30Z's leaving here. A couple at the start including a Safari Gold (turbo L28?) car with flares and a few minutes later a few 240z/260z's.
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    NOS pair of 240z 1/4 emblems. https://www.ebay.com/itm/143391641627?ul_noapp=true Buy it now: Price:US $749.45 Can you say JDM tax?
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