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    Gordo takes over the Peter Mac Build.

    With the exhaust complete it was time to tidy up all things under the car. Clutch , fuel and brake hoses all got some attention. The peddle box was put back in and brake and clutch bleed. Fuel pump wired up and tested. The engine sensors where hard to fit as the headers are very close. I got my self a oil catch can and fittings.i would be using the same alloy radiator with the inlet and outlets in the right place. Got some new hoses. The air intake bends filter and pipes from eBay . With most of the engine bay done it was time to take it to my mate for the wiring loom and final fuel line connections to be fitted.
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    curtis 240z

    Early Girl Bingo - With Photos

    #297 #585 and the 73
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    Gordo takes over the Peter Mac Build.

    Grodo, love your work.
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