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    Early 240z with quick blow over paint job. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/cto/d/cloverdale-1970-datsun-240z/6974531576.html For $27k I want chrome bumpers lol..
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    Gordo takes over the Peter Mac Build.

    Haha. It may be done. My updates are a little behind so I’ll try and catch up when time permits. the exhaust had to have a balance pipe and also be quite enough to get under the 75db noise limits. I could not believe how low the twin 3in exaust was. Tried to get it as high as I could. Even went to 2 1/2in just before the diff.
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    R180 4.375

    There are different versions of Subaru r180 diff, the preferred one with clutch pack only come with certain models according to Stewart Wilkins. Then you have to factor in shaft changes etc..... p.s I would call Stewart Wilkins in Sydney or Martin Falconer in WA (I bought a used one from him few year ago).
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    I have a 7.25" (18cm) 2 disk button clutch on my T56 and the QuarterMaster throwout bearing setup was VERY finicky. There were numerous warnings about setting it wrong and damaging the pressure plate or the hydraulic bearing itself. I had to do a bunch of measuring and then set up a pedal stop so that the bearing didn't travel too far. Maybe you did all of that too, but the way you described had me a bit worried that you might have skipped a step or two, or maybe it doesn't matter as much with the particular throwout bearing you have, but thought you might benefit from a heads up.
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