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    Race Car Pics, Yours Or ?

    Hatch is fibreglass, but still opens... just can't see the gap in the spoiler on that angle Some action shots - pre engine letting go...
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    2018 VicZed BBQ

    It’s on again. Date. Sunday 25th November. Time. 11.00am onwards Location. Same as previous years. If you haven’t been before you can PM me. Details. We have a wood fired bbq . We ask that you byo meat and drinks. We will have bread, some salad, sauce, paper plates, and soft drinks. Its a family day so bring the family and enjoy the day with like minded friends, and make some new ones. Best of all it’s a chance to show off your pride and joy. Hope to see you all there.
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    CBR Jeff

    Some more cool Z videos - youtube.com

    Wow.............$$$$$$$$$$$$ Jeff
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    Race Car Pics, Yours Or ?

    From the 80s when the Marque Sports Cars category was at its best. Lindsay, Alan Fields, Neil Cartledge and Burns fighting for the podium at Phillip Island.
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    Race Car Pics, Yours Or ?

    Nice, any more info on this car? You’ve posted lots of great pics Gordo, keep ‘em coming Mate.
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    S30 2 Seater

    Honestly in my experience with cars, spend a bit more money up front. Even if you have a borrow a bit more and get a good solid car that needs minor work, vs buying a project. You'll always always always always spend more on project cars getting them up to similar specification. After all these years I always under estimate the costs of restoring items. And I usually over-estimate to be on the safe side. Therefore I recommend if you have limited tools, skills and expertise to buy a good solid car to start with. Not only can you enjoy it right away, but you'll be able to do incremental improvements to it over time. As a side note, I never take my own advice and always get excited about potential projects... I guess I prefer to build it to specification I want, than buy someone else's vision etc.. PS: Some owners here would have more than $35k in rust work and body repairs / repaint jobs alone... Not that they would admit it in most cases. :). That's why I think the 260z is good buying. PPS: I have not seen the Green 260z in person, it could be a basket case. Best to buy a plane ticket and go view it or ask Curtis for more photos of underside / common rust traps etc..
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    The Chook Shed Aka RS30-000792

    Inside before clean. Two faced.
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    240z horns... Repair/overhaul

    They sound Horny
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    240z horns... Repair/overhaul

    And now painted and reassembled.. I'll probably get the screws / nuts replated as some stage but for now just clear coated. I paid US$5 for these buy it now on ebay! Freight was a bit expensive probably US$35.. Bit of a gamble but has paid off.
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    240z horns... Repair/overhaul

    Similar make of horns on the 260Z but they use a centre bolt with right angle bracket mount. Our 2000 Sports has horns with this style of mount. I fitted the old horns replated just for originality, but fitted Denso horns for tone. With the age and plating of the the rusty diapraghm they just never had the right tone again, sounding a bit flat inspite of the tuning, If you get some old horns you can swap the diapraghms around to play with the tone. There is also a high and low tone in the pair. Denso horns- smaller physical size but work great. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/CAR-JDM-HORN-DENSO-HORNS-12V-2-PIECES-RIGHT-AND-LEFT-UNIVERSAL-Tone-111-db/222993597649?epid=13010486078&hash=item33eb7444d1:g:r00AAOSwTbVbCZHw
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    2018 VicZed BBQ

    @WayneI'm going to steal your seats while you aren't looking!
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