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Seeking 'Expressions of Interest' - LS1/250-GTO project


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I’m open to genuine ‘expressions of interest’ for my LS1/250 GTO project. I’m getting on and health issues are sapping my enthusiasm.


I have extensive documentation of this project – including cost – but suffice to state the following key points:


- S30 shell - full rotisserie restoration with strengthened frame rails.


- 250 GTO body by Charlie Puckett of California – one of four known kits. These are the crème de la crème of kits as far as matching the Ferrari shape goes. I have made wide fibreglass doors to enhance the appearance of a GTO.


- LS1 taken from a 2005 VZ donor car with 80,000km on the odometer that I bought in 2008 – it is fitted and runs.


- Dayton 72 spoke knock-off wire wheels with new Pirelli tyres.


- Wilwood brakes with Wosa’s handbrake setup.


- Plus – All new wiring loom made up and fitted – alloy fuel tank - many other bits.


There are numerous posts about this project on HybridZ “250 GTO Owners” thread


I am only interested in discussing a sale face-to-face. The project can be inspected in Sydney.  This car was my dream retirement project but I have to face the reality of unforseen extraneous factors.





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Pete, don't know what to say. Love the way you've done everything so far, great attention to detail, be such a shame to not finish it yourself.


Sometimes life makes decisions for us. I'm  sure you dwelled on this for a while and its been tough to make this call.


Good luck, I sure it will go to a good home.

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I would have thought it was polite for a person wishing to enquire about someones car that is for sale, that the enquirer call the seller, not the other way around!

Or send a private message, making the enquiry.


But there is no contact details in first post?

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Correct Gavin, and my apologies. I had assumed people would use a PM but James has few posts and is obviously not familiar with that function. I have spoken to James, a very interested chap, but negotiations are not proceeding.


I stated 'face to face' contact as I didn't want tyre-kickers and there is so much detail to describe this project it would get lost in a written description... it is in large part a handcrafted automobile. A good example is the last component I made which was a casing for the gear selector.





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Peter traveled overseas to get those pics, not your local car show in the park ;D


As you can see in the pics of the Ferrari replica gated shifter, Peter has gone to a lot of effort to do things properly and you could only experience this from a personal visit.

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At Goodwood I was able to photograph the interior of all 11 GTOs present and physically measure the gear selector casing so I could make an exact copy. I also took photos of the bodywork because I love those curves!

Curves, me thinks you are referring to the curves in the fourth pic. ;)
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