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Kobe Seiko Wheels (Works Rally Rims And More)

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"Unique rotating nuts" - are these available as reproductions anywhere ? Or any alternatives ?   Stew Wilkins sells "Nissan Works Type" wheel nuts (at $20 each...) which I have been led to believe a

I looked into getting some reproductions made here in the UK, but price was prohibitive with a huge minimum ( thousands...). All they are is a straight-shanked nut with a tapered collar - retaine

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I suppose they've mostly all been melted down by now but once there were loads of alloy wheels of different styles ex the 280ZX models, and other earlier Dattos, in NZ when I lived there. Cars arrived literally by the boatload as 'Jap imports' as the local assembly industry started to peter out in the '80s. Many were polished turds with clocked odometers and rust issues so didn't last long. The 280ZXs that succumbed provided a ready source of alloy wheels and 2.8L engines though for the S30 enthusiasts.

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1 hour ago, rb79gt said:

Theres is the 1 wheel with bad corrosion, it had a tube in the tyre, it was obviously beeing used like that! The other 3 arent as corroded and hold air. Any suggestions are welcome.


That's classic water-attack damage, and very difficult - if not impossible - to repair safely. Bad news I know, but best to be honest about it.

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