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(Mel) EOI Zed parts for Free (and some almost) When?

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I have a few bits and pieces I will be giving away because where they are stored, room is needed so just checking when any interested parties want to come and pick through some parts to take as they are too good or useable to throw out / scrap. I was thinking in about a months time on a weekend. There will be panels / mechanicals, trim among other things so if you need some more spares or need them for your zed, come and get it! Obviously some very good parts I will charge for but nothing scary. Parts are mainly 260 2 and 2+2 and some 240Z trims etc. I have some +2 doors and hatches for free. Post here when you have a free chance these next few weeks (pref on a Saturday or Sunday). Thanks

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Scott, there may be a spring buried in the mountain of stuff.. If I find one, I'll have to post it to you..


With the pedal box, I will have another one later on (it's still in a car that needs to be moved once more before its stripped) will let you know then.


I need to move a heap of stuff so the more people the better; unless you can take heaps yourself..

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Bits and pieces I need, I know I'm not in Melbourne but maybe I can organise something if it's not too much hassle?


    [*]Undertray for 240z (goes under radiator)

    [*]240z drivers door mirror

    [*]Diamond pattern trim for strut towers and transmission tunnel

    [*]Door cards for 240z

    [*]240z hitachi carb throttle linkage set up - mine was modified and I can't tell how, so a complete set up would be useful

    [*]Datsun front wing badges

    [*]240z retractable rear antenna


    This is what I can think of from memory...anyway. You may / may not have these bits.

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I is looking for ;


A fuel Tank

A diff

A 260Z 2+2 Rear Bumper


I may take one o them hatches too!


<3 Scoota




eyes got a spare tank for yous.  Datsifda240isdasameasda2601




(blood sugar is low)

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Mark, please take all the 2+2 bits and pieces!.... I beg you


Gavin, I'll put aside those bits for you..except for 1 + 7. I'm looking for a 240 one myself as I have plenty of 260 ones. Number 7 item are pretty hard to find in a good working condition; you may have better luck in the US.


Also, my 240 will be moving very soon, so access to the parts in the racks will be possible..stay tuned!

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