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Air Compressor for sale (sold)

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Hi all,


I thought someone here might be interested in this.

My mate is off to the states to live and has the following for sale.


Peerless P14 Air Compressor.



If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll remember my deliberations when purchasing this machine. In the end “I finally settled on the Peerless P14. It’s made in Bendigo, and is on a par price wise with the others (Ublast again had a Royce contender, and there was Machinery House’s Super 12) but it’s a slight bit better in terms of L/min free air delivery.”

It’s been a steady workhorse, though in an enclosed space it’s a little loud. I’d recommend running a longer hose that what I had, just to keep it further from your work area.


It still has 3 years to go on its 5 year compressor pump guarantee.


For further details email tools@melissacameron.net , or you can reach me on 0419 199 315  for the next week or so. If you’re in the Melbourne metropolitan area, delivery is free!


Also available on my blog at http://www.melissacameron.net/blog/?p=4150


Thanks for looking and please contact me know regarding this on (Zero 4 Aero 7 681 215)



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I have some more info on this model, and have picked it up so it's at my place now.

its being left with me till sold, so let me know if you are interested.





Peerless P14 Electric Belt Drive #00257


$966.00 inc GST (New)




• 2.75HP twin cylinder cast iron slow revving pump.

• This unit is the biggest model on a 10amp power supply and will run 1/2” impact tools, spray paint, nailing guns etc.

• For all constant use air tools please consult air flow chart sheet.

• This unit requires a 6.5/7KVA generator and is our semi professional model.

• The slowest revving 10amp compressor on the market today.

• Compressor comes with ET250 Filter Regulator.


• Motor (HP) : 2.75

• Pump Displacement (LPM) : 345

• Free Air Delivery @100PSI : 275LPM

• Dimensions (cm) : L107 x W43 x H80

• Weight (kg) : 78

• Tank Capacity (litres) : 55

• Pump Type : C5

• Pump RPM : 852

• AMPS Draw : 9.4

• Max PSI : 125

• Mounting : Portable

• Required Voltage : 240 Volts

5 Year Warranty (Pump)


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I don't know much about these but from what I'm told it a good one.


It was used by my friend who is a jeweler for a sandblaster she had in her studio.


It is on gumtree but has been left with me to sell. (the things you do for friends)



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