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Register Your Car: The Aus & NZ Internet S30 Z Register

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The WA Z Club have an Internet Register for All Datsun 240Z & 260Z cars in Australia and New Zealand.

Similar to the USA one at Zhome.


Our aims are to deterermine the number of Z cars left, and to gather information about how the build dates of the cars relate to their chassis and engine numbers. This information is available for US market cars, but has not been compiled for Australian and New Zealand market cars. We also intend to keep a register of S30 Z cars that have unfortunately passed away.

Sometimes cars don't remain in the market they are sold in, so we have also included non Australian and New Zealand cars than now call Australia and New Zealand home. I know of a Japanese domestic market 1977 Fairlady Z here in Perth, and USA market 280Z in Victoria.

Registering you car is free. You do not need to be a member of the WA Z Register to register you details.

So Please register your car. Helps if you have your rego papers handy, or have a look at the registration form, and collect the required info before registering.


I hope to add a feature where you can add a photo of the car in the near future.

Gav, Maybe you can make this link sticky? Edited by Mr Camouflage
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