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Some more cool Z videos - youtube.com

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Found this on the weekend. Was hard work getting passed the fat ass Falcon.  

Is it just me or does anyone else smell BS here?     Hard to believe what looks like pretty extensive damage was done to the Merc and so little to the Z......we all own one and know how lightly

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Best interior colour too! Ha.

Note he said they are still undervalued. Something I've been saying for a long time.

A good review actually, but good luck finding good ones now, especially in RHD specification.

I know I listed mine as an April Fools joke on Facebook the other day for a 1/4 mill, but I still had multiple messages about it.

Last night I took my 240z out to Springvale where a bunch of cars nuts hang out (I was meeting with some Stagea blokes) and I had several groups of young blokes come up to look at the 240z at different times.


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On 4/5/2021 at 5:53 AM, CBR Jeff said:

Nice car and a honest appraisal. I’m off for a drive. 

My car is a basket case but I’m so glad I bought it when I did. I think I would be priced out of the market today.... 

maybe not priced out, but more that I’m willing to spend 50k (please god make it only 50k.....) over the next 5 years rather than 60-70k today.....

I agree they’re undervalued, I think until the supply of cars in the US dwindles price growth may be slower than we all hope. 

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I don’t think this one has been posted. There’s 10 videos in the series so far. Some excellent rust repairs and a good guide for anyone looking to do similar work.

Though not so sure about how much they cut out with it on a rotisserie and no bracing.... :-\

you have to do some skipping to get through to the good stuff

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