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"Classic Auto Fabrications"

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Haha I'd love to but I'd have to charge like $80hr to cover petrol for driving interstate!


BTW I have also had to increase my hourly rate to $25 as of the 1/1/2010 due to increases in Power & consumables... *grumbles*

Still cheaper than most though...

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Shut the F#?! UP ................LOL


The mans happy with $20.00 an hour, ohhhhhhh sorry thats $25.00 an hour, do we get a GST legal invoice if we pay the $25.00 ?

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Did you get that from ebay? I was thinking about getting one my self.

A tip if your doing heaps of spots keep a bucket of water handy to dip the tongs in to cool them down because the non water coold spot welders can overheat pretty fast


Very handy tool, let me know how it goes 

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Hi All,

Due to changes in my current circumstances, I am ceasing all of my operations immediately.

I would like to thank everyone, who used my services, for your custom - it's was greatly appreciated & enjoyed.


My sincere apologies to everyone else who had expressed interest in having work done by myself, but at this time they cannot be fulfilled.




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Hi all,

Our new Logo is finished!




I'm currently booked out until July/August this year (2013), but please feel free to get in touch with me if you wish to discuss how I can help with your project ;)







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