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Hello all.  I am looking for S30 dash to go into my LHD to RHD conversion of my incoming 77 280Z.  And also a RHD wipe panel etc.  Dash can have lots of cracks - HA - most do.  I understand that the economics of making a new RHD dash pad may not add up - HA - but I can dream that someone may make one.  CHEERS.

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Hello gav240z.

Yes, the panel that runs along outside the windscreen and that the wiper shafts come through and then the wiper blade arms attach to, also typically referred to as the cowl panel.  I guess that I will also need the RHD wiper arms that connect to the wiper motor, HA , there may be a few things that I have missed. 

Being that I am typically hopeless when locating things, is there anyone on here that has posted up a detailed LHD to RHD conversion?

HA - why is there nobody offering a complete LHD to RHD kit for a numbnut like me - HA. 


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On 11/17/2023 at 7:29 PM, Moby935 said:

... my LHD to RHD conversion of my incoming 77 280Z ...

You are in for a world of pain. Good luck.

Edit: I strongly advise you leave it LHD.

Edited by C.A.R.
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