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Alfa Fibreglass rally seats for sale

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Not sure that anyone would risk rallying a Zed nowadays, but just in case, here are a pair of seats that could be of interest.

Red / blue Alfa Fibreglass rally seats, very nice condition and include Datsun cloth patches. See, faster already…

Located in Brighton East, Melb. Pick-up would be best as arranging freight would be painful. They have been advertised elsewhere for $500, make a tempting offer and clear some space in my garage.

Contact via PM initially, thanks.


Alfa seat 03.jpg

Alfa seat 02.jpg

Alfa seat 01.jpg

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I can take a couple of photos of the underside over the weekend if you like, they have captive threaded aluminium blocks inside the fibreglass, from memory I think they're about M8 in size.

No actual mounting brackets as such, but you could adapt them to work with the standard runners. They can work with standard seatbelts, but you need to consider whether you could be bothered clambering in and out of them for road car use.

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After checking the seats it's obvious what I said earlier about threaded aluminium blocks cast into the fibreglass wasn't quite correct. There are aluminium blocks cast into the fibreglass, but the bolts just run through them, as per attached pics.

The additional 'loose' plates are just spacers to provide a little clearance.

Alfa Fibreglass seats mounts.jpg

Alfa Fibreglass seats bolt.jpg

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