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Centre Console Renovation - DIY

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The console lid on the 2000 Sports is made of wood and covered in dash skin.
Works fine and is definitely a good option if you didn't have a console lid to start with.

Unless it's a concourse restoration who's going to look on the underside of the console lid?

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Nice looking sports!

Van Gough lives on in your centre console.

Next item being tackled is the centre console lid. I thought some of the screws holding the internal trim felt loose, plus there was something rattling around inside. It was also out of shape so I th

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Still working on the console lid rebuilding the screw posts and filling the dents on the outside.

In the meantime I thought I'd reinforce the centre console before I repaint it.
The console is hanging from some straps to keep it level while the glue sets.

I used some thin gauge galvanised sheet I had lying around and used the screw posts on the underside to help locate it.
Glue is Super Strength Araldite.

I'll add a photo for the other side when I glue it.

I plan to make a separate bracket to go on the tunnel for the choke lever so it's not connected to the console.







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Just reassembling the console after the work. Here are some photos of the console lid which I rebuilt with Permapoxy for the outside filler, and the inside posts which I turned up out of some hardwood and Araldited into place. I used some self tappers to hold them through the lid, then removed the screws and backfilled the holes. All in all it turned out OK.


I redid the writing on the Choke and Rear Demister lettering with some White nail polish. I applied it to an old switch first to trial it. Put too much on then polished off the excess to leave a shiny lens and white lettering. Quick simple, cheap.












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So, I am in the process of restoring my 71 console, which is fairly good. 
Only a couple of areas that warrant attention being:

- holes at the back; 

- previous owner drilled holes (clean but may fill) (at least I think they are po drilled - happy to be corrected - 4 holes in `bow shape`) —->edit—> looking at Gav`s photos confirms suspicion. 


- two broken sections (missing) at top of gearshift hole and at bottom of fuse box hole.



[first photo is top of gearbox, second fusecover]

Two queries:

With the last item, just wondering if anyone has a photo of a 71 underside that shows these as I want to confirm if there is a cut out on the top of the gearshift section or if I can just path in a single piece. 
Photos may be clearer.

Edit —> subject to correction, Gav`s photos suggest both were single pieces and complete (ie no cut out at all).  The reason I asked was that the top of gearbox `cut out` Looked very regular - as if properly cut. 

Second, I am thinking that the two holes at the back were always a weak point and to use the lathe to make up two metal pieces that will take the bulk of the countersink and to fiberglass these pieces in.  Stupid idea or workable fix? 

As a 71 there appears to be a fair proportion of fiberglass in the console compared to a later 240.  Plan to primarily fiberglass the repairs rather than attempt too heroic a plastic weld.  Had thought of reinforcing sections but concerned re creating new stress points in old console. 



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On 1/8/2019 at 12:26 PM, Kuba said:

I'm looking to repair centre console in my 260z and was looking at some alternatives to bed liner for the textured look, ordered this spray of ebay:


Did anyone use it?

I did not, someone told there're some nice sprays at supercheap auto detailed info (I guess)

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