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Pistons (and rings that don't fit the pistons...)

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Selling 7 x .020 oversized L28 flat top pistons (yes, 7 of them, courtesy of an engine assembly mishap....)

These are sold as L18 / L20B 60 thou o/s pistons which equates to 20 thou over L28 pistons (ie 86.5mm). Only difference is that these take 2mm top ring rather than 1.5mm that L28 use.

Complete with pins but no rings.

Full disclosure - as they are sold to suit L18 and L20B, these are a set of 4, plus 3 from another set. I've weighed them, there is only 2g difference between 6 of them, plus one that is another 1.5g heaver again.

Looking for $350 the lot.

Also selling a set of chrome Hastings rings to suit L28 pistons in the same size (a purchasing mishap....) $50.

Free postage on pistons, postage at cost on the rings.


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Posted (edited)

Yeah, fair call. I believe (could be wrong) flat tops were 1.5, dished pistons were 2mm ? The set of rings I used on the last lot of these pistons I put in an L18 were a set of 6 for L28 so at least some L28's have them.

The first lot of rings I bought at the time were 1.5mm though and didn't fit (ie these ones....)

I don't know enough about L28's to know what came in which car.

As an aside, L28 flat tops seem to be very desirable and in short supply at the moment. And 86.5mm 2,2,4mm ring sets are also hard to find.

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