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RedRBZed minor rust repair...


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So, after 32 years of countless track days and upgrades to every other part of the Zed, it was time to address the minor rust problem.

This will be sorted by Lachlan of C.A.R. fame.

Along with the rust repair there will be a new 5 piece G-nose, reproduction headlight covers, fiberglass rear bumper and factory copy rear spoiler.

The Zed had a back to metal respray originally in 1990 (the only time mullets were fashionable), see pic of me in the car and mate with genuine mullets.

I'll hand you over to Lachlan to continue the minor rust repair journey...

Zed1990 (2).jpg

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A few years ago, Mr. S asked me about repainting his monster of a Z in the future, and I said I'd 'definitely be interested, so let me know when you are ready'.
Last year, the talks got more serious with Mr S wanting to add a new G-Nose plus other parts to the refurbishment.
After waiting an eon for the new G-Nose to arrive from Japan, Mr. S fitted the new parts and dropped the Z off at my little shop once I had room.

The brief is: Minor rust repairs and a full open door respray in Red. Plus some other bits an pieces.
This is how it arrived, so on with the show!



That large rear Wang is going...

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According to Mr. S, the previous owner was an 'interesting' individual and had some strange ideas about the Z - which included drilling holes in random places...
These had been welded up when it was repainted originally, but unfortunately that wasn't done quit well enough so rust had started to appear...

LH rear wheel arch:





RH rear wheel arch:



All cleaned up inside, treated and painted:


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Doors were next - typical rust in the bottom corners, but they weren't bad enough to replace the shells with new ones.
Sections were cut out, inside media blasted and painted, then new outer skin sections were fabricated and then welded in.









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Mr S wanted his big Wang removed and the smaller sports option style Wang fitted instead.
We removed the big Wang only to discover many, many holes, filler and rust:



So we decided to strip the paint and filler off outside:


Oh dear...
Rather than try and weld up the holes in the very thin (0.7mm) deck panel then spend hours panel beating it straight,
we decided to make a new deck panel from some new 1mm sheet steel:





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Onto the fibreglass repairs. I little bit was needed to all the FG parts - mostly reinforcement.

The bonnet was an issue - it's a FG item that Mr S glassed the vents into and had someone paint.
The paint job was average and it had to be colour changed to Red, so the only option was to sand all the paint & filler off and start again:





It's now ready for paint prep to begin. 

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Lots of fettling, farnarkling, slapping & spooning, the body now has 4 coats of primer on it.
Unfortunately due to circumstances outside my control, we had to paint it in the workshop - not ideal but it worked out OK.



Now to 400g the door jams in preparation for colour...

Panels are being primed shortly, then the doors & guards will go back on.
Then we have the fun job of 240g then 400g sanding the primer back in preparation for topcoat in COB...

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We have colour! Ferrari Rosso Corsa Red.
My camera makes it look washed out & more white then it actually is - I can assure everyone it is very, very RED!



Next the doors & guard jambs will be painted, then they well get bolted on, we'll sand the primer to 400g dry. 
After that it goes into the booth for top colour :)
I'm hoping to have paint on it in 2 weeks...

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