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240 radiator guard/shield - the big one


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not the little tab thats at the top of radiator, but the full version that came on the auto cars

if you have one, can i get a photo and some dimensions pls? I'll try to make one up 

why ?

cause i've just finished putting  in A/C into my one and I dont want the electric fans

post coming on how i've managed to squeeze in an A/C in the original JDM place inside the dash

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FWIW. My early RS30 has the same radiator as the 240Z, and it's the original part. I once tried a shroud from a later Z (a two-piece plastic item) but it just didn't fit, it was slightly too wide and of course extended downwards too far to suit the taller 260Z radiator.

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Dunno what that's off. In what way does it not fit your radiator?

The one I have is also two piece and bolts up neatly on a spare radiator I have which came off a late 260Z 2+2.

Mine has two fixing points on each side within the shroud itself, not those fingers sticking out and the holes top and bottom on yours.

FWIW I think the version I have was also fitted to the early 280ZX (ie. S130), which makes sense given the motor is much the same.

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