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Restore Chrome inlays with chrome marker pen


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I found this marker recommended on classiczcars thread and ordered 1 for myself to test. So far I've done a tired looking radio facia and a centre console finisher plate for early style console.

It's not quite as good as the factory chrome finish, but it's very close and much better than the peeling old original look that most have by now.

Plus using this method you don't need to send it off for vacuum chrome plastic plating - which is quite expensive and you risk having it damaged in transit so win win if you ask me.

The hobby pen is for painting toy robots. I found it on eBay for $20-$30 delivered which isn't cheap but I suspect will go a long way before it runs out.

The only downside is that it shows up all the imperfections in the original plastic survey. So all those little dents accrued over years of wear and tear. But I keep looking at the reflection off the radio bezel chrome and think for the money it's hard to beat.

These were just tests, in future I'd paint (with black vinyl paint) the plastics first to give them a fresh black look and then do the inlays second.











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