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2022 Christmas BBQ!


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2022 Christmas BBQ!

It's on again!

Date. Sunday 27th November 2022.
Time. 11am Onwards.
Location. Same as previous years, Gordon and Sharon's property in the outer East near Lilydale.
PM me for the address if you haven't been before.

Bring your Zed, food and Drink and a chair. The wood fired BBQ will be provided.
Bring your Wives , partners and kids. All welcome!





Gordon (durr)

RickB & Jen
Linton & Cath
Phil Jon?
Tony H
Hung Lo (?)
Kiwi John

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The long range weather forecast for next Sunday is looking a bit crap - we 'may' reschedule for the Saturday (19th).
I'll let everyone know mid next week.

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Unfortunately my Z will not be out of paint until at least February, However would like to come along for some inspiration to do a better job for myself. haha. 

If that's alright add me to the list and shoot me the address. 

Also. If Anyones on the fence, I would be driving with a few empty seats from Campbellfield to Lilydale for the event and can pick someone/someone's on the way. So long as you don't mind being in a work/camping rig. 

Cheers - Mick. 

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