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Started polishing my Watanabe's.......help needed


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As the title states, I started polishing my Wat's.

Started by sanding by hand with 180 grit sand paper, working to 1200.

Then using a die grinder with the felt attachments and Autosol as a abrassive/polishing medium.

I'm very happy with the result, but my problem is this.....

Where can I get more felt attachments from? Bunnings, Autobarns and Supercrap are useless as they only have kits with all the bits I already have. I only want the soft felt bits.

Here are some picks, before and after.




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My Bunnings (Shepparton) has them, If yours doesn't then try another.

Do you have a timeline for when you want your Watts fitted to the Z?

Yeah, I thought you said you got yours from Bunnings Matt. I'll check another one.

Plan is to get them on within a month or so. Got some work to do to the panels and paint first, last thing I need is overspray on freshly polished mags.

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