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S130 Fairlady 280Z 2 seater

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Wow.... Can't believe it's been so long since I've updated this build thread. i know I haven't really been here much, I stick my head in from time to time.  Life has been busy, to the point

Next time, get a real Z!

Happy & sad for you! Surely you have some "essentials" you need to drive somewhere for! haha 

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If anyone's wondering what's been happening with my Z since the nationals............... Absolutely nothing! Life's been pretty busy with houses, cars, babies, broken bones, surgery and the likes.

Until this week.

But only because I had an inspection done for the CH plates.

I finally jacked it up to find a vibration that started at Phillip Island. Thinking it was the steering, but nothing stood out as being out go the ordinary.

Dad suggested taking the front wheels off to get rebalanced, in case some weights fell off.

First problem was a buggered wheel nut that had the internal hex rounded off. So the Wat's were protected and the MIG was brought out. ZAP ZAP and it came off pretty easy.

Then when we rolled the wheels out of the way, that's when we saw how bad the situation was. Even though there is a fair bit of neg camber, the tyres were HEAVILY distorted on the insides and had bulged out...... HEAVILY!!! Unfortunately I didn't take a pic of them.  :-[

They were taken down to Craig at Trackside tyres. He said it's fairly common for that to happen at Phillip Island, especially with older tyres. So keep that in mind.

Ended up getting a pair of brand spanker Bridgestone RE55S's.

So once the log book comes in the mail, I'm super excited to get out there in it and blasting off some cobwebs  8)


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It's been over a year since there's been any activity here.  :o

Maybe because there's been no activity here!


I finally got out to the garage and gave the car a service and look over before heading out to Sandown Raceway on the 2nd of Feb. Dad and I double entered the car again and it started of well. But think the extra stress of 2 drivers, making it 8 sessions, was a bit hard on the car.

My best lap was a 1:32.4283 in the 3rd session. While dad layed down a 1:37.3436 in the 4th.

The final session was a waste of time as the steering would shake under braking, indicating warped rotors. Pointing to where I need to upgrade.

So I've started a new topic here http://www.viczcar.com/forum/index.php/topic,15608.0.html


Here's a video from the 2nd session. You'll notice that the rear of the car gets a bit loose through the corners......... Needs some new rubber back there!


At the end of the day, I had a ball. Nothing seriously went wrong and I was able to drive there and back again. A first for Sandown!

So I'll call that a successful day  8)

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Can't believe it's been so long since I've updated this build thread. i know I haven't really been here much, I stick my head in from time to time. 

Life has been busy, to the point that my Z just doesn't get used. Which is why I have sold it! Sad but true. It's going to Queensland later this week. the saddest part of all is that I won't get to drive it again, mainly due to this pandemic.

Been great to make some new friends, meet new people, go on some drives and learn a bunch. 

So this build thread has come to a slow death.

But the car itself may find itself back, with a younger, obviously  much less attractive and maybe even less interesting owner. ;D Ah yes, the forum Emoji. It's been too long my friend!

Anyway. I'll still see some of you guys around the place and will pop in now and then. 


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56 minutes ago, luvemfast said:


And be original, like the rest of you  :P


Considering my lack of involvement here over the last few years, there's probably some guys who've never even seen this build thread before....... 

LOL! Well I don't even have a Z anymore.....

and also saw your car before I saw the build thread! haha 

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