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Geocities zgarage2001 - Performance Modification Tips


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Hi folks,

About 20 odd years ago I recall reading this website on Geocities which is now defunct and hasn't been available for some time. It contained great information about modifications you could do to your S30Z. I recently found someone had copy/pasted it onto another site.

The images are missing unfortunately, but the content still relevant.


The original site was available here:


Using the site Archive.org : https://web.archive.org/ you can actually find snapshots of the content from back then. Which may or may not have indexed the images to go with the content.

Here's a snapshot from December 2001 as an example.


And homepage:


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6 hours ago, 240ZBUILTBYME said:

Gav this is an awesome reference. Any of the other pages links would be much appreciated. Is all this information accurate all these years later? From what I can see it looks pretty accurate. 

This is the head page link https://web.archive.org/web/20011206114942/http://geocities.com/zgarage2001/heads.html

Gearbox ratios.


Common Problems


Engine heads


Engine building


6 hours ago, 240ZBUILTBYME said:

I couldn’t work out how to get web archive to work…. Maybe coz I’m on my phone? 

Maybe? Not sure haven't really tested the archive.org site on Mobile much. Perhaps I should try and turn the site into a PDF file for future archiving purposes?

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