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Scam Warning Wanted to buy posts.


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Hi folks,

A few scammers are lurking in the background of the forums.

What I've seen a few times now is someone (legitimate users) posts a wanted ad and these scammers will send you a PM saying they have the part and to contact such and such on a specific email.

Here is an example:


Cut a deal with Hector Harris. He has a 240z engine crossmember for sale in excellent condition... You can reach him on his email hector_harris@aol.com

I don't think it's the same Hector from Fast and The Furious running spoon engines but I can't be sure.

Anyway a few things to look for.

1. Saying they are based in the US.

2. No legitimate previous posts. So appearing under multiple new member profiles.

3. Often a completely different email to their username.

4. Sends you a PM telling you to email someone else.

I'm sure these scummy bastards will try alternative approaches, but I'll see what can be done about preventing newbies from sending PMs. I hate to do that, since new members often need to send a PM after joining, but I don't want people to get scammed by these spinsters.

Please continue to report any similar PMs or activity on the site that seems suss so I can look into it.

I'm totally in the dark with the PM system so I don't see any of this. So reporting it is the most effective way for me to stamp it out.

Stay safe and always deal via PayPal (which offers buyer protection) over say bank transfers or other money methods. Obviously dealing with people local in Australia and picking up items in person is best where possible.




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  • gav240z changed the title to Scam Warning Wanted to buy posts.
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I believe I may have fallen foul of one of these scammers through this web page. I was after some MK 63 brake calipers. contacted by a person from the forum saying that a person in Qld had a set to sell. Contacted that person. He stated he had a se. Agreed on a price paid the money and seems to have frequent excuses as to why they are not here yet.

Pretty pissed off. If the admin would like to contact me,via email  psneddon@bigpond.net.au, I will provide email adresses and names.

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For anyone dealing with people over PM you don't really know yet (in the community).

If they send photos of the item, you can ask them to send a photo of the item along with a photo of themselves holding the item.

This is because many of these scammers are using Google Image search to find a part or product and send that to you claiming they have it. If you ask for a photo of the item in a specific way like with them in the photo or may some other proof that they are who they say they are. Then this should make it harder for scammers to take your money.

PayPal offers buyer protection and will return your money if you lodge a dispute, so stick with PayPal if you can't collect the item yourself or have someone else collect it for you interstate and make payment in person.

Also if you're ever in doubt as to the credentials of a member feel free to drop me a PM or similar. I can look into the members previous activity on the site and offer an opinion.

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I had a couple more people message me about attempted scams via PMs from users with no posts (0 post count).

I've since deleted a bunch of users who haven't posted on here before and joined in the last couple of years.

Jump bumping this up again in the hope of keeping everyone alert.

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Just bumping this up as a reminder again. Had a few new members join and try this scam again. Accounts have been deleted.

From now on I'm going to be even stricter with new member post approval.

Do not send money to new members with 0 posts or to anyone telling you to email someone else who has a part you're after.

I may look into ways of reading PMs being sent by new members so I can catch these scams early on.


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Unfortunately there is a lot of them on Facebook now. It's basically the majority of listings. Zuckerberg doesn't care. He's built his doomsday bunker in Hawaii.

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Faceboook::site  datsun_restoration_exchange. dont go any where near it..... the guy I bought from an {ADMIN) is no longer a member but all of a sudden there is another new administrator different name.

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