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vg30 box behind al28


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hey I was wondering if anyone has put a vg30 box behind a l28. if they cut and welded the l series bell housing on ? or even with rb25 box. 

I have a vg30 box out of a nissan navara what looks to be exactly the same as a 300zx box 

I keep on breaking 71c boxes and I don't really want to go to cd0009 because of the price 

thanks matt 

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Yep, I did it with a home-made jig and an oxy torch. Take a small section (around 2 inches) from the front of an L-series bellhousing to get the required bolt pattern to match the block, cut a bit off the front of (in your case) the CG30 box. Make a jig that  bolts into main bearing caps of a spare block and has a plate that bolts up to the bellhousing where the bearings go in the front to keep it aligned and square,  bolt the L-series bellhousing section onto the block and weld them up. Should work the same for any gearbox, assuming you can get the two bellhousing pieces to line up near enough to successfully weld (ie no huge gaps to fill), and that spline dimension and location for clutch plate, and spigot bearing size are workable. Took a bit of measuring and calculating to get the S15 input shaft in the right place, ended up having to shorten the S15 bellhousing by around 2 inches to get it right.

I think I posted pics on here somewhere of how I did it and the finished product. 



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On 2/2/2022 at 6:52 AM, C.A.R. said:

Yes, it's been done (R33 box but same / same) but it requires a cut & shut bell housing.

@1600dave has done something similar with a S15 6-speed behind his L18...


thanks for your reply

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