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Chasing z series center cap


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It's OK Aron, that's our Z repair guru and his standard reply when someone announces they are chasing some part or other...!!! ;D ;D ;D   (silly English term...!)

Nice looking ute BTW.

I suspect those Z wheels are more numerous than the number of surviving caps. I could do with one or two more myself as I have several wheels.

There is a later 'Z' style cap used on the ZX cars which have metal fingers that clip into the hole very firmly and don't fall off like those silly push-on ones. They're what I prefer. They come up on eBay or Gumtree from time to time, with a pair on Ebay currently although they don't look to be in good condition.

BTW. Has anyone come up with another wheel centre option? Just need something to clip in to the hole and maybe take a 'Z' emblem.

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Nothing silly about that idea. Something of a close diameter to the wheel hub that will push on, firmly, maybe add a dab of silicone sealant to hold it in place.

I don't think any of the old school alloy wheel centres, like Cheviot or ROH, would work as they are designed to clip into the hole.

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I've seen these wheel caps about from time to time, problem is the coloured / enamel part always always has chipped off and the fingers on the rear that hold it to the hub are often broken and or very fragile by now.

I bought some off @Scoota G a couple of years ago but he cracked the shits with me and never sent them. But if he's feeling more generous and still has them I'm happy for you to have them..

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Ditto what Gav says. The blue or black enamel shrinks over the decades and falls out.

Even if new they aren't that good - I have 3 NOS ones in dry dark storage where the clear coating over the blue enamel has yellowed so the chrome in the centre area looks gold. Meaning they would have to be stripped before using or they would look odd.

FWIW, of the ones I have there are two versions, one being less rounded at the corners than the other. But close enough.

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