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What Hoses needed


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I have to replace all engine bay hoses can get a full set but has emission hoses that I don't need.

So which are the hoses for early 240Z 

Also are the fuel hoses plain rubber?

Also asked earlier after pics of decals and where to place.

Thank you

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 11.57.04 am.png

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Top and bottom Radiator hoses.
The two heater hoses that come out of the firewall, and the little curved hose at the heater box.
The coolant hose that runs front to back along the RH side of the engine.

The remaining water hoses that go through the intake manifold can be deleted.

Get a new non-emissions fuel tank vent hose while you are ordering.

For the fuel hose I just use the better EFI spec rubber fuel hose.

Brake booster vacuum hose: you have to buy the loooooong US spec emissions gas tank vent hose with the hook end,
then shove a coat-hanger up it and bend it to shape.

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Thanks for your input a bit confused now

one of these for the vacuum hose slide in a coat hanger wire bend to shape and leave wire in?  so that goes from booster to manifold

 1,2 radiator hoses

6 little reducer under carbs

3,8,9,7 heater hoses

5 vacuum hose

4 valve cover breather

10 vacuum hose

11 bypass

so I don't need the vacuum hose and what others

Any one got any old wire hose clamps willing to sell???

Thanks again for your help









Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 11.57.04 am.png

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