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Wiper position

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I ended up getting the wiper motor repaired on our 260Z but now it’s all back together the wipers are stopping at the top of their cycle pointing up to the top of the screen instead of resting at the bottom. I’m hopeless with wiring but suspect it might be a case of ‘switching polarity’ - while I roughly know what that means I have no idea whether that’s what is required in this case, or if it is - how to do it myself. No Auto Electricians wanted to touch the job on an old car. A bugger of a job working in that tight space so I hope I don’t have to pull the whole motor out again but will if I have to I guess - unless there’s an easier solution. Any tips appreciated! Thanks, Denis

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6 hours ago, gilltech said:

whether in fact you have the linkage connected the right way around.

From memory the connection onto the motor could only be placed in two positions, each 180 degrees apart. So this would not result in an issue of the wiper arm parking being 90 degrees out.

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Ah, my bad, I misread and thought by 'top of their cycle' it was stopping at the end of the sweep not top of screen.

OK. Digging into the memory banks here, it's been decades since I refurbished mine after the wipers had started parking at random positions. On my 260 when I switch off the wipers they always make another full sweep. That has something to do with the motor (reversing IIRC?) which activates that spring mechanism on the side of it which in turn alters the linkage to provide the park function. I recall having to dig out dried lube and freeing things up. Maybe on yours that mechanism needs an overhaul, maybe the spring is jammed or broken. Worth a look anyway. The wipers will never park properly if that mechanism is operating incorrectly or not at all.

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