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Triple Mikuni 44 S5 body for sale

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Hi Everyone,

I've have a set of Triple 44s for sale. 2 were on a 4AGE engine and have thicker chokes in them and 1 is from an unknown source (I probably scored it on eBay a while back) and has a thinner choke in it, is missing 2 main jets and accelerator pump (on bottom) rod is still there.

They will all benefit from disassembly clean and going over. Especially the pair off the 4AGE (dirtier). 1 drop link is bent (along with accelator lever) but you'd change this with Triple Manifold + linkage anyway.

1 lid has Mikuni/Solex on it, but the others do not. I don't think there is any difference in operation but I have several carbs and if this is an issue I could probably find a matching lid.

Hopefully photos speak for themselves. But if you want more specific ones of anything let me know? I have not run these carbs myself. I bought them to rebuild, but I now have a surplus of 44s and I could use the cash to get my FD RX7 rebuilt.

Price is a very firm $4,000. They are not getting easy to find and I'm seeing single carbs on eBay go for $800 USD+

If you have however donated to the site and it's running costs in the past I am however willing to help out as a thank you in return.

I wanted to advertise here before Facebook / Gumtree as I'd prefer them to go to member here.

If they don't sell, I'm happy to hold onto them and possibly go through with restoration.. I really love these Mikuni/Solex carbs and the way they transform these cars. So much so that I'm not sure I'll ever go back to SUs unless doing a complete restoration.














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