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Valuing an HS30 prior to selling

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After introducing myself under the heading of Papua New Guinea HS30 a couple of weeks ago, I now realize that I'll never get to drive that car again.   Poor eyesight and lack of dexterity mean biting the bullet and sell the car, but how do I value the car?   Not enough of the 240Z's around in Adelaide to gauge what it is worth, and I don't want to sell it to a "hotrodder".    It is a sad time for me, but acknowledging one's limitations is a difficult decision.   Any members been in my position?    Auction?   Gumtree?   Cars for Sale?   As I have a quantity of 240Z spares, I really want the car to go to a 240Z enthusiast.   Perhaps I could pay for a person "in the know" about Z cars to value it, but where do I find such a person?  A curly one (for me, anyway) and I would appreciate suggestions.

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Ian - I'll message you. You probably saw my suggestion to get along to the nissan Datsun nationals this weekend (on your other post) but I'll pass on my details in case you don't make it. I'm in Adelaide and can probably help you out.

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Hey Ian,

Part of the issue with valuing these cars at the moment is there are so few comparable cars on the market to gauge against. Also values over the last 12 months have increased so comparing sale prices for 2019 and earlier is a bit moot.

That's part of the reason I maintain the 2 big sales threads. Since it helps everyone gauge what the market is doing and what cars are available and at what price.

Local sales.

Global Market

I could give you a very rough guide based on what I've seen and you've described so far, and if the body is sound. I'd say the car is probably in the $40-50k AUD range as it sits.

But of course that's just from the photos I can see and description. An in person evaluation is really the only true way to know.

It also depends how quickly you want to sell vs how long you're willing to wait for the right buyer as to where you should price it.

If you were to spend a bit of money cleaning it up and getting it road worthy and ready as a turn key car, that will increase its sales value to a degree. But of course how much you spend vs what your return on that money is something to consider.

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